…in a home not so far away…

I’ve been waiting for this day to come for two years…  And now its finally here I don’t know how I will be able to contain myself!!!

Yes… Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiers today, and I’ve got my ticket 🙂

Like Abby, I too am a self-confessed #geekgirl, but even though I grew up reading Batman and Spiderman comics, my heart belongs to Star Wars and sci-fi.

Star Wars Shoes

‘I Am Your Father’ and ‘Astromech’ flats from Irregular Choice

No longer confined to conventions and midnight movie marathons, Star Wars is now a permanent part of popular culture.  From toys and games, to TV series, theme parks and clothing, there is literally nothing you can’t buy that isn’t branded Star Wars, including home wares!


R2D2 Cushion (find similar here)

I’m (thankfully) too young to have seen the original trilogy in the cinema, but I was hooked as a toddler watching the films over and over on VHS.  Since then not much has changed, and now I have my own place the Star Wars influences can be seen everywhere…

Admittedly a lot of the stuff you can buy that are Star Wars branded are just cheap novelties, but there has also been an increase in the number of subtle, cool items that you can incorporate into your home without it looking like a shrine to George Lucas.

Here’s my shortlist of some of the best (and worse – though good for a laugh) Star Wars themed home accessories:

Cinema Posters

Sometimes you can’t beat a cinema poster of your favourite movie 🙂

The New Hope poster was a re-release from 1996, but my Return of the Jedi poster is an original from 1983, and was blu-tac’ed to my bedroom wall for most of my childhood.  Now I’m all grown up (debatable I know) I’ve upgraded to a custom frame.

Art Prints

Olly Moss

Olly Moss Star Wars Trilogy

If you’re not into cinema posters, there are some very attractive prints available that are more subtle or stylised.  I’ve been lusting over this Olly Moss Trilogy for years, but limited edition comes with a hefty price tag.  Re-prints are available from other retailers.

“That’s No Moon” print  /  “It’s a Trap” Lego print  /  Travel Poster inspired Tatooine print (wonder how many of your guests will mistake this for an ultimate holiday destination)

Home Accessories

Clockwise from left: C3PO Cushion / Death Star Vinyl Clock / Darth Vader Lamp / Throw Cushions / Chopsticks / Chopping Board / R2D2 Measuring Cups

If artwork is not your thing, how about some light-up lightsaber chopsticks or a Millennium Falcon chopping board, to satisfy both your foodie and geeky side in one fail swoop?

…and if you’re thinking of having a Star Wars get-together soon, these will certainly get the party going!  After all Christmas is just around the corner… just saying 🙂

Darth Vader & Stormtrooper String Lights / Stormtrooper Decanter and Glass / Star Wars Ice Cube Tray


If you’re a fellow geek and going to see the new movie tonight, make sure to wave as you walk past me (I’ll be the one in the Princess Leia gold bikini in the front row).










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