Twinkle twinkle…

On these cold dark nights, there's nothing better than coming in to a cosy, twinkly home. String lights come in thousands of different shapes, colours and sizes, so finding a set that suits your décor is easier than ever.

Geek Chic

Undeniably heroes and villains are my weakness, over time I seem to have accumulated a large collection of what I affectionately refer to as ‘geek chic’ home accessories. Proudly displayed in my apartment I'm your classic #geekgirl!

The big reveal

When decorating my home I wanted to bring elements of my personality and memories into the interior scheme, incorporating some of my prized treasures and displaying them in fun and unusual ways. Much better than letting them languish in dusty boxes and loft spaces!

Ahoy there sailor

Growing up with a tattoo artist for a father, it's fair to say that life was always colourful. Fast forward 27 years and we can blame him for my collection of Sailor Jerry and rockabilly home accessories!

Say it with neon!

Neon baby, Neon! Its time to break the rules. Neon signs are making their way from the walls of backstreet Vegas tattoo shops, and coming to a home near you!

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