Out with the old…

It's full steam ahead for AW18, so it's time for a clear out! So we're boxing up our unwanted goodies for a local car boot sale, plus we'll be donating some of the profits to cancer research 🙂

Mooching @ Moregeous Mansions

Being an Insta fan (aka stalker) of interior design & lady builder @makeitmoregeous for many years, when a new Airbnb Experience was launched to visit Moregeous Mansion & have a nosey around, I didn't have to think twice!

Bee goods

Whether cute or abstract in design, bees are popping up in home ware stores everywhere (& I don't just mean through the open window)... and they are adorable!

Rip it out & start again???

When you want to refresh your kitchen without taking a sledgehammer to your cupboards, changing your accessories and storage can be a more affordable solution and give your space a quirky twist too!

Faking it…

It can't just be me that has noticed that the artificial plant market has really stepped up its game this year. Being a serial plant killer this is good news all round, left to my own devices I can kill a cactus...

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