Out with the old…

It's full steam ahead for AW18, so it's time for a clear out! So we're boxing up our unwanted goodies for a local car boot sale, plus we'll be donating some of the profits to cancer research 🙂

Bee goods

Whether cute or abstract in design, bees are popping up in home ware stores everywhere (& I don't just mean through the open window)... and they are adorable!

Tick Tock

A well positioned clock can do wonders for your interior scheme. It doesn't have to be a case of aesthetics vs function either, there are so many options that can give you both! 

We <3 Manchester

When it comes to home wear shopping, there's no place like home 🙂 Check out our top places to visit in Manchester if you're planning a home makeover

Tiled Wall of Fame

Most people when out & about take pics of their friends or food... I take pics of the floor 🙂 The wide variety of patterns, sizes & shapes available serves to only feed my (mild) obsession with ceramic tiles - here are just a few of my favourites

Quirk it baby!

This post isn’t about how boring beige is but rather advice on how to add a touch of indie rock n roll interior loveliness to your home!

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