Out with the old…

It's full steam ahead for AW18, so it's time for a clear out! So we're boxing up our unwanted goodies for a local car boot sale, plus we'll be donating some of the profits to cancer research ๐Ÿ™‚

Bee goods

Whether cute or abstract in design, bees are popping up in home ware stores everywhere (& I don't just mean through the open window)... and they are adorable!

She’s a cyber-freak

For those die-hard tech fans amongst us, gone are the days of CRT TV sets & huge stackable hifi systems that had to be hidden away. Nowadays technology can be beautiful & something to proudly display in our homes!

Tiled Wall of Fame

Most people when out & about take pics of their friends or food... I take pics of the floor ๐Ÿ™‚ The wide variety of patterns, sizes & shapes available serves to only feed my (mild) obsession with ceramic tiles - here are just a few of my favourites

Eco warrior in training…

Although I'm no eco-warrior, I am conscious of doing my bit to help the environment. These days there are loads of ways you can reduce, reuse and recycle your household waste, and incorporate these practises in your interior schemes.

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