Mooching @ Moregeous Mansions

Being an Insta fan (aka stalker) of interior design & lady builder @makeitmoregeous for many years, when a new Airbnb Experience was launched to visit Moregeous Mansion & have a nosey around, I didn't have to think twice!

Martini’s & Makeovers

I've always wanted to take on an upcycle project, so last year I finally took the plunge & refurbished a drinks cabinet I found languishing at a local antique store. The finished result even surprised me...

Eco warrior in training…

Although I'm no eco-warrior, I am conscious of doing my bit to help the environment. These days there are loads of ways you can reduce, reuse and recycle your household waste, and incorporate these practises in your interior schemes.

Say it with neon!

Neon baby, Neon! Its time to break the rules. Neon signs are making their way from the walls of backstreet Vegas tattoo shops, and coming to a home near you!

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