Spooktacular Decor đź‘»

Autumn is arguably one of my favourite times of the year! I can almost forgive the cold dark nights drawing in because pumpkin spice is in the air which can only mean one thing… Halloween decor!

I’ve loved perusing Instagram checking out ‘all hallows’ inspiration. From painted pumpkins to carved creepy pineapples there has been some stunning images trending.

Fads are fun and all but being naturally drawn to dark decor I’m a die hard fan of the day of the dead theme all year round. Sugar skulls are for life not just halloween people!

I’m also a firm believer that party decs featuring the traditional Frankensteins monster and spiders galore are always a hit no matter what year it is!

So I spent yesterday getting into the Halloween spirit decorating (scoffing) ginger bread mummies with my nephews.


I spent most of the time preying they didn’t notice that some of them were already missing arms and legs, yum (sorry not sorry).

Do you think they believed I did it for creepy effect?

Happy Halloween Witches!

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