When East Meets West

I’m very late to the party on recognising this trend, and have been unwittingly inspired by it whilst planning my (eventual) master and second bedroom makeover…  I’m talking of course about Japandi; a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Combining the modernism of Scandi with timeless elegance of Japanese styling, both practice minimalism and natural tones, with a smattering of statement accessories & lush plant life.

Japandi Display

source: italianbark.com

Minimalist vs Colour

Having a minimalist Scandi interior is not everyone’s cup of tea – sometimes it can feel cold and uninviting, and lacks personality, but by combining it with opulent Japanese shades like deep blues and reds you can add warmth to a cool, neutral Scandi scheme.

But if breaking out the red paint and splashing it liberally on your walls is also a bit too scary, you can add colour through natural materials like house plants, light wood furniture and black highlights.

Japandi Living Space

Add a bold deep blue or black feature wall to your room, and pick out this colour in some of your accessories to create continuity (source: handgdesigns.com)

Simple but stylish

Both Scandi and Japanese styles feature functional furnishings with clean lines and uncluttered surfaces, but if you want to add more interest and make the space feel cosy try incorporating curved edges, weave patterns and soft textiles like cushions and faux fur throws.  Stick to a simple, neutral palette though to avoid the room looking cluttered.

Japandi - Living Room

I love the mix of textures in this living room (source: spaceoptimized.com)

Paint a picture

If you’re a lover of gallery walls, then maybe this isn’t the interior scheme for you, but having a minimalist look can make your statement art really pop.

Choose some art that picks out the colours in your room (left to right: homebeautiful.com.au / italianbark.com)

Whether wall mounted or propped up, pick something that complements the colours you have in the room, and the bigger the picture the better 🙂

Personally I’m a bit of an art collector – I’m forever buying prints and paintings I see in little galleries (God, how middle-class do I sound!) and have them hung all over my house.  I picked up the perfect Japandi print last weekend at the Manchester Art Fair from local artist Chris Rivers, that features beautiful pastel shades.


“The Fragile Life” Chris Rivers


I am a self-proclaimed colour fan, so deep down I don’t think I could pull off a Japandi scheme in my home, but I could definitely pick up some tips on stripping back the clutter and focusing on textures and statement accessories.  Maybe then the house will look less like it belongs on “The Hoarder Next Door” 🙂


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