Out with the old…

I know, I know… we’ve been a bit lapse in blogging over the summer, as holidays, work & family commitments started to take over a bit for us both – what can I say, life gets in the way sometimes.  But now we’re back, and already starting to plan for AW 2018 (only 17 weeks till Christmas #justsaying).

Yes, it’s sad that summer is over, but secretly we’re totally done with sweating our butts off surrounded by electric fans cause we don’t have air-con, eating nothing but BBQ food & fighting for the last sunny spot in every beer garden/terrace/public park within 100 miles… we say bring on cosy nights in, spiced cider & candle light 🙂

Counting down to wool throws, faux fur blankets & candles

The only downside of a new season, is making room for all the lovely new interior goodies we’ll be buying for the house!  Cue the annual deep clean/clear out; riffling through dusty boxes under the bed & on top of the wardrobe and de-cluttering all the surfaces, categorising everything into “keep”, “donate”, and most importantly “sell” piles.

Car Booty

I don’t know about you guys, but when I start de-cluttering I think it’ll be hard to let go of my prized possessions, but 6 boxes, 2 bags-for-life, and a jam-packed suitcase later I was more amazed at how much crap I’d accumulated over the years… I can tell you, there were quite a few “what was I thinking?” moments as I flung clothes over my shoulder into the “sell” box, many with the tags still on!

But hey, one persons trash is another persons treasure!

Some of the goodies I’m parting with (clockwise from top-left): Copper Dressing Table Accessories, Rose Print Cushion, Gold Art Deco Diffuser, ‘Yours’ & ‘Mine’ Glass Tumblers

Instead of dropping everything off at the local charity shop, me and Abby thought we’d kick-start our “AW18 Interiors Fund” with a car boot sale instead (so long as we manage to drag ourselves out of bed at 6am!).  There’s a massive car boot operating every Sunday in Manchester’s Trafford Park, and I’m pretty excited to go and see what we can off-load.

Raising money to help change lives

Aside from having a good clear out and getting some AW18 Funds, doing a car boot sale was also a great opportunity to raise money for local causes we are passionate about.  So we decided to donate 20% of our profits from the day to The Christie Charity – a cancer research & treatment charity that has been close to both our hearts in recent years.

We’ll keep you posted on how the sale goes, and keep an eye on our Instagram account for updates and stories.

Now we just have to make sure we don’t end up swapping accessories with each other and taking everything home again… at least we’ll get a workout loading, unloading and loading the car again 🙂


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  1. Nice to see you back! Wish I could look forward to cosy nights with a blanket and candles and warm mulled wine…not in this scorching heat for sure! Best of luck with the car boot sale 🙂


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