Faking it…

It can’t just be me that has noticed that the artificial plant market has really stepped up its game this year.  I am a self confessed serial plant killer so this is good news all round.  Left to my own devices I can kill a cactus… they can smell fear.

With stores lining up very convincing displays it’s hard to tell the difference between real and faux.  With plush textures, realistic colours and huge variety in plant species, fake plants are now a very viable option when it comes to decorating our homes.


I have a gorgeous ever growing collection of fakies in my apartment.  Here are a few of my favourites:

The mini plants in my painted pots cost £1.99 each from HomeSense which is an absolute bargain.

There are benefits to having real plants in your home.  Studies have proven that they can clean indoor air, aid humidity levels and lift moods with their gorgeous natural fragrance.  I am quite a busy person so regular maintenance of watering, turning and trimming can feel like a chore when you have too many to look after.  Being a plant mum is serious business, I have three and I’m quitting while I’m ahead!

With this in mind artificial flowers and plants are an easy top up.  They always look fresh and only require dusting on occasion.  They also brighten up dark corners and you never have to worry that they are going to wilt from lack of light.  This is why I think it’s best to go for a combination of both… just don’t get confused which ones are real and fake when you water them 😂


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    1. The flowers inside are from homesense but my friend actually hand painted those pots for me. Its amazing what can put achieved with a plain pot and a bit of paint!

      You are so right about the plants too, I’m always staring far to long trying to guess haha! x


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