The big reveal: Bathing beauty

It feels like a lifetime ago when I first started planning my botanical bathroom makeover and made my mood board (see my Botanical Bathing blog post)… but the wait is finally over!


There was in reality very little I could do in the bathroom as I didn’t have the budget for a full ‘rip it out and start again’ makeover, so the suite and tiles would all be staying.  Thankfully the white suite was still in very good condition, and the relatively neutral beige and brown tiles would go with most colours so all the room needed was a refresh.

The beige colour scheme was looking tired and dull, and the cupboard had cheap doors and yellowing paintwork – definitely time for a change

Botanical schemes and patterns like palm leaves and lush tropical greens are everywhere right now, not to mention plants galore!  They marry beautifully with metallic accessories to add a touch of opulence to a room, and can still have a modern twist by adding contemporary stripes or geometric shapes.

Personally I think botanical green tones are more suited to a bathroom than pale blues and neutrals, which unfortunately are the only bathroom paint colours you can buy off the shelf these days, so that was my starting point when creating my mood board.

Botanical Bath Mood Board 3

Mood boarding is a great way of getting all your interior ideas together to ensure you’re happy with your scheme before you pick up a paint brush

I’m not saying this is the right way to start planning an interior makeover, but I’ve always started with one key item that I’ve fallen in love with and simply MUST have in my room: a bedspread, lampshade, or even a candlestick.

For my bathroom, it was Palm Jungle wallpaper by Cole & Son.


I just love the layers of palm leaves against the black background, which allows the lush green tones to pop

Even though I love the pattern I was worried that it would be too busy for my small bathroom, especially given three out of four walls are covered in beige tiles so the room is relatively plain.  I had to get this wallpaper in somewhere though, so I used it as a feature on my new cupboard doors.

I did decide however to ‘go big or go home’ with my choice of paint colour, and despite it looking more like Hulk green on the first coat (making me panic that I’d made a huge mistake) I’m so pleased with the end result.


In an ideal world (and with slightly deeper pockets) I would change the chrome shower fixtures, radiator, taps and sink cupboard handles to a burnished gold as it would match the botanical scheme better, but in the meantime I’ve added some gold accessories and plants on the windowsill to balance out the room.

I also hung my gorgeous antique birdcage from the original 1930’s ceiling beam above the bath, which was crying out for a splash of colour, and added a wicker mirror to help break up the green and add some light.  I did originally choose a gorgeous gold sunburst mirror but I was worried it would clash with the chrome radiator.  Instead the warm tones of natural wicker complement the gold metallic accessories in the room, and adds texture.

I know that it’s not to everyone’s taste and it has made the room darker (or as I like to call it cosier 🙂 ) but I love it!  The botanical trend may stay the course and become timeless or it might die off in 12 months time, but right now it looks fab.

The whole project came in at just over £200, much less that the £1000 quotes we were getting from local tradesmens, and yes it took us a few weeks to finish but the result is all due to our hard graft 🙂

I’m going to take a well deserved break after this project before tackling the next one… I’m thinking a book, glass of wine and a long soak in my tub.  Bliss.



Stockists: Blend V500 Kitchen & Bathroom Paint in Emerald Temple from B&Q, Bee Print from B&Q, Palm Jungle Wallpaper from Cole & Son, Wicker Mirror from La Redoute, Charm Geo White Towels from Dunelm, Brushed Gold Free Standing Mirror from HomeSense, Toothbrush Beaker from Asda

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