Tick Tock

A well positioned clock can do wonders for your interior scheme. It doesn’t have to be a case of aesthetics vs function either, there are so many options that can give you both!

There’s the functional but fabulous:

Finding that perfect sized clock, in the right colour and shape can be hard but once its done right it just finishes the look completely.

The quirky, must haves..

These are the clocks that can be found anywhere, at any time and just have to be purchased regardless of whether you actually need them!

The gorgeous sugar skull clock is from George at Asda, it was a bargain at £12 and is right at home balanced on my living room mirror. I just had to have it, impulse buying at its very best.

The traditional ‘timeless’ classics (see what I did there):

These are just stunning time pieces, that are a feature in themselves.  I do love a contemporary spin on a classic so I’ve included a modern cuckoo clock from etsy!

And finally the techy functionals:

These amazingly smart clocks can tell the time and more and are available to buy from John Lewis. 

I’m definitely a lost cause anyway, it just doesn’t seem to matter how many well positioned clocks I seem to have amassed I am always running fashionably late! I should probably invest in this awesome clock and put it pride of place in my hallway.  It is alarmingly accurate!


What do you think?… It’s definitely me!


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