I’ve been around the world and I, I, I…

…Can’t stop buying home accessories.  I have a serious holiday shopping addiction and bagging restrictions only make me more creative!

Incorporating travel into your interior is surprisingly easy, sometimes it even happens by accident.  I bring something home, it looks great on my shelf and I have an instant unique home accessory.

Hints of other cultures give your home personality.  It is nearly always a conversation starter and says something meaningful about the person living there.

Travel mementos can also take you back to a time and place, so who wouldn’t want a little mental escape hatch somewhere in their home?

Here are three fun ways to incorporate travel into your decor scheme:


They are an obvious one but you can still get creative…

Token Mementos and Trinkets

These can be worked into your scheme in several ways.  You can have a really obvious ode to the country you visited or sneak in something of symbolic value that you look at and remember the exact time and place you bought it.

For me, it’s my treasured skull from Mexico – bought with a lovely bottle of smooth tequila (which Tav and I enjoyed way too much at a BBQ bash last summer).


Entire interior decor

If you are just plain travel mad it is easy to deck your whole room out and run with the theme.  These stunning examples found on Pinterest can show how tastefully it can be done.

Writing about this is getting me really excited for New York… who knows what I will bring back!  23kg luggage allowance is only a rough estimate right?




2 thoughts on “I’ve been around the world and I, I, I…

Add yours

    1. Oh goodness, my credit card statement is not looking forward to what I bring back. I have a trip to two interior design shops planned and I’m definitely going to the Tiffany&Co Café, don’t worry I will post all the pictures!

      I bought a tonne of beautiful postcards when I went to Prague last year. Have you got any ideas on how to display them?xx


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