She’s a cyber-freak

We all love to have something new, be it something small like shoes, cushions, bedspread, or something big like a car, house or kitchen.

For some of us, its the latest tech.  I’m not one of those people who lust after the latest iPhone and camp outside the store for 4 days just to get my hands on one, but I do love tech that makes my life easier in the home and blends in seamlessly.

It’s taken a long time but finally the makers of home entertainment technology have cottoned onto the fact that bigger is not always better, and that discretion when it comes to styling is more compatible with the modern home.  The major players are all down-sizing and offering equipment in new interior-friendly colours and fabrics. 

If you’re looking for some new tech for your home, check out some of these great examples:

1. Sonos Play:1



The Sonos Play:1 is tiny, only 12cm high, and it’s white or black finish slots in just about anywhere.  Sonos are still the industry leader for multi-room audio and these little boxes will fill your room with your Spotify or Amazon Music feed, as well as music from your phone or shared hard drive.  These sound amazing – we have a few of these around the house and they can be paired together for parties!

2. UE Wonderboom



The UE Wonderboom is a more affordable, battery-powered version of Sonos that’s available in a raft of funky colours.  It’s even water-proof so you can sing along to Abba whilst in the shower!  They are also great for outdoors and BBQs, and can be easily moved indoors once the heavens (inevitably) open!

3. Fidelio Soundbar



This is such a great idea from Philips.  The Fidelio soundbar sits neatly underneath your telly, and when your watching Grand Designs the speakers act like a standard soundbar.  But when it’s a film night the end units detach and the soundbar becomes a fully wireless surround sound speaker system!  When the film’s over they simply slot back into place for recharging. 

This is an elegant solution to the home cinema problem faced by most couples these days (sorry to sound sexist, but it is typically the guys who want speakers all over the place, and ladies who want something more discreet) and makes you wonder why no-one thought of it beforehand! 

4. Google Wifi Router



Wifi routers can be easily the most ugly piece of essential technology you will ever have to find room for.  However, Google have taken a new approach with these handy discreet 4.1 inch diameter pods.  A couple of these spread about the house and the days of wifi dropouts are gone; they link together to provide a reliable network wherever you’re surfing.

5. iPhone Dock



Naturally, I’ve saved my favourite till last…

Native Union started off as a kick-starter company focussing on stylish home tech.  Now they have a UK shop and a bunch of innovative products including this gorgeous marble effect iPhone dock that would look fabulous on any desk or table top.  The marble trend is still going strong, and this dock is available in white or black to match your decor, and your phone!


We know how fast moving technology can be, and some of it is way over-spec’ed and too advanced for most households, but it can also make our lives easier and improve information and music sharing.  It’s also so much more attractive than it used to be (remember CRT TV sets & stackable hifi systems) and is something you can display rather than try to box-in.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current system, my advice would be don’t be scared of tech, and do your research to ensure what you choose is suited to your needs!


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