I’m dreaming of a… new duvet cover

My friends mock me because of my weakness for fresh bedding and the fact I already have 6 duvet sets for just the one bed in my apartment.  Over kill?  I think not… which is why I’m currently on the look out for lucky number 7.

I know, I know (maybe slight overkill) but in my defence I did stumble across a gorgeous website that has some of the most beautiful swoon worthy bedding I have ever seen. Providing a practical and instant upgrade, these sets would make my bedroom feel more Brooklyn boutique than first floor apartment in Manchester.  My credit card practically jumped out of my purse and started ordering all 4 of my shortlisted favourites, but I did some how manage to restrain myself and only order 1…

I am however going to show you all of them because somebody needs to buy them :).  And if these aren’t your thing ‘House Of Decor’ has so many beautiful sets to choose from.

When push came to shove there was a clear winner, that is now winging its way over to me as I type…

Lucky number 7:

day of deadDay of the dead always wins.

Now if you need me I will clearing another space in my airing cupboard and avoiding the age old argument with my friends on not needing another duvet cover.


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