Tiled Wall of Fame

Most people when they are out and about these days take pics of their friends or their food to splash all over social media…  I take pics of the floor 🙂

When looking at an interior scheme, its easy to get caught up in the furniture, fixtures and those all important finishing touches.  But before any of these things can be selected, you need to get the ‘canvas’ right… the walls and the floor.

There are so many options available; carpet, wallpaper, lino, vinyl, paneling, bricks, plaster, concrete… but a personal favorite of mine is ceramic tiles.

Some of the gorgeous tile snaps I’ve taken on my travels: (left to right) Barca floor tiles / Edinburgh herringbone wall tiles / Clay Lilypad tiles, capietra.com

Square, rectangle, hexagon, mosaic, big, small, patterned, plain, bevelled, textured… the options are endless.  Everywhere I go I am guilty of always looking down and taking pics of pretty and interesting tiles.

Patterns can be intricate in layout, or bold and in your face.  What I love the most is there are no rules – mix and match sizes & colours, lay them alongside other materials like wood or carpet, and add detailing like coloured or even metallic grout

I’m particularly partial to traditional Manchester green tiles (no biased I assure you).  Thankfully there are still buildings in the city centre that feature these, both on the interior and exterior, that I can gaze at as I walk past (& of course snap for my gallery).

So far I’ve only managed to add some simple matte white subway tiles with contrasting silver grey grout in my kitchen, but I’m definitely in the market for some new green tiles for my living room fireplace and hearth.

  white tiles

If you’re planning a new tile project, then we’ve love to hear how its going.

As for me, I think a trip to the local reclamation yard is in order!


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  1. I do food, tiles and anything beautiful. Eeks. Ian has to constantly wait around for me to finish taking pics. The tiles in Portugal are amazing, we deliberately go slightly out of town in Lisbon to see the tile museum and follow Tile trail. 😄

    We will be looking to tile our bathroom soon -jane-


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