Quirk it baby!


As cliché as it sounds I am a firm believer in the widely over quoted Coco Chanel mantra that your interior should be a natural projection of your soul.  It is your haven, your personal space and an outlet for who you are.  This post isn’t about how boring beige is but rather advice on how to add indie features to your home (if that is your kind of thing).

Indie interiors is such a generic phrase for having an unusual or quirky styling in your home.  It covers multiple genres; punk, rock, goth and alternative – you can take a theme and run in so many directions with it.  Etsy, home-grown independent interior stores and local market stalls have made it easier than ever to access less mainstream home wares.  Looking for items that are more unique and steering away from mass market is good for the soul and makes for a more interesting interior.

Devils in the little details

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full Indie scheme or an ‘out there’ piece, a few small accessories can set a fun tone without dominating.  I’m loving the sugar skull door handles and the Frankenstein monster bookend.  I’ve also included my day of the dead wind chime – it ties in with my home decor as I have skulls dotted around my entire girly pad!


Preaching to the fully converted?

These gorgeous higher ticket items take indie to the next level!  From a trash can laundry basket to a full wall of sugar skulls, it’s statement decor to the max!

Now if you are feeling cautious and worried what people may think… my mum always had this great saying about clothes – if it suits the wearer, screw the starer!  This is a great motto for life and is the exact principal I think everyone should apply to their homes.

Now I’ve filled your screen with all this badass, interior loveliness I’m feeling inspired to start a new project.  A trip to Afflecks is in order, I may have to swing by Gingers for a ice cream whilst I’m at it (it would be criminal not to)!

Sorry not sorry


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