We’re lost in music…

I am a self confessed disco baby ūüôā

I grew up listening to my dads extensive collection of 70’s funk, disco and soul, and all on vinyl!¬† I was rocked to sleep every night to Cerone’s Supernature, and have been a fan of playing vinyl ever since.

As with everyone on the planet, I too have been swept up in the vinyl revival of recent years.  2016 saw a 25 year high in vinyl sales, beating digital downloads for the first time!

Music fans are shunning digital and opting for the ‘real’ – something they can hold in their hands and take pride of ownership in.¬† I’ve inherited my dad’s vinyl collection (running into the 100’s, if not 1000’s) and¬†been topping it up with my own purchases, both new and second hand, for the past few years.

¬†But all that vinyl comes at a cost… namely space!

Decks & Shelves

These days the trend for minimalist living means anything that’s deemed unnecessary is cast off to the nearest charity shop or posted on FreeCycle quicker than you can say “have you seen¬†where the sandwich toasters gone?”.

I faced the same issue when it came to my (ever-growing) vinyl collection.  But with the growth in vinyl sales comes the growth in vinyl storage ideas (hooray!).

I don’t think there is a vinyl¬†fan out there who hasn’t got at least one Ikea KALLAX unit in¬†their home*, but there are alternatives…

*when me & my friends discuss the size of our vinyl collections, we quote KALLAX configurations i.e. 1×4, 2×4, 4×4 (giggle)¬†


Built-in storage

Bay Window Seating

ph: Pinterest

If you’re planning a refurb, you can incorporate your vinyl storage (or any storage for that matter) into your homes nooks and crannies or even your furniture!¬† Build a bench in your bay window with box storage underneath, or do a KALLAX double bed hack (try this step by step from¬†ikeahackers.net).


Shelving units

clockwise from top-left: Retro Vinyl Storage, Urban Outfitters / Metal Vinyl Stand, IdleHands / DIY Peg Rack, burkatron.com / Metal Frame Box, etsy.com

There are plenty of off-the-shelf free standing storage units you¬†can purchase these days, or if you’re feeling brave you can try making your own with burkatron.com’s step-by-step guide (link above).



For those DJ’s amongst us, a sturdy flight case is the ultimate¬†vinyl accessory that also doubles up as handy storage.¬† Personally I love the powder blue retro case (and its a snip at¬†under ¬£30!), but you can also get fab pop-colour and leather versions.

clockwise from left: Yellow Case, Steepletone / Retro Blue Case, nicestuff.co.uk / Tan Leather Case, Nottingham HiFi Centre 

…and if you’re feeling very flush, what about this stunning Rat Pack customised case priced at ¬£171! (swoon)

rat pack case

Rat Pack 12″ Record Box, etsy.com


Cute & quirky

Hanging Storage

ph: Pinterest

For those of us for whom floor space is at a premium, there are also loads of wall mounted solutions.  Install a piece of industrial piping on your wall to make a hanging rail and suspend your records on clothes hangers, or why not display your favourite albums on Ikea picture ledges or in individual frames.

Left: Vinyl Record Frame / Right: Picture Ledges, Ikea

Even if you only have a few records in your collection (trust me, it will get bigger!) I spotted these really cute racks to get your started that are less than £15!

Left: Picture Pockets / Right: Wire Frame Holder

And for all you geometric fans out there, this gorgeous diamond shaped wire frame stand holds up to 200 12″ records, and is great value at only ¬£99.


Diamond Wire Frame Stand



Left: Headphone bracket using Brogrund toilet roll holder from Ikea! / Right: Laser-cut Wooden Dividers

Every girl needs her accessories ūüôā

Ideal for keeping your collection neat and tidy, and looking good at the same time!  I just love the simplicity of using a toilet roll holder for your headphones!  Genius Ikea hack.


If you need me, I’ll be digging through boxes at the local charity shop (a bargain hunters dream) looking for an mint, A&M Records 7″ pressing of Sex Pistols God Save the Queen¬†(Google it) ūüôā


Up Next Shelf

…I’ll be adding this little addition to my decor soon (The Boss & the shelf that is)


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