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Interior design trends are always evolving – whether they be new innovations in home styling, or vintage schemes coming around again (usually we say if you are old enough to remember it the first time then stay clear, but for interiors we’ll make an exception).

Unlike fashion, interior design trends do last longer than a season, so when you’re thinking about refreshing your home its always worth looking at the trends that are forecast to be big in the next couple of years to ensure you’re ahead of the curve 🙂

We’ve cherry picked some key trends that we think will fly in 2018-19!

Ultra Violet

Pantone Colour of the Year

Late last year Pantone announced their colour of the year 2018 would be Ultra Violet.  Very much a departure from the more natural tones of recent years (2017: Greenery, 2016: Roses Quartz & Serenity, 2015: Marsala), Ultra Violet is dramatic, inventive and unconventional.  So release your inner Prince and add a dash of Purple Rain to your home this year.

Dulux Colour of the Year

Dulux have followed suite with their proposed colour of the year 2018: Heart Wood. Though softer in tone, Heart Wood still compliments a violet colour scheme and can be accentuated with dark purple accessories.

Statement ceilings

clockwise from top-left: moregeous.com / elledecor.com / moregeous.com

Step aside plain white, and make way for the statement ceiling.  Why should the walls have all the fun – add bold colours, stripes, or even floral wallpaper together with block coloured walls for a clean finish!

Things are certainly looking up for the humble ceiling (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Matte black

ph: abigailahern.com / Trouva.com / @cowboykate_

Working with modern monochrome schemes or great paired with metallic highlights, matte black is extremely versatile.  Create a sense of drama by adding bold colour accents, or make your room feel cosy by adding matte black to your walls.  It can also be surprisingly relaxing in bedrooms as well as social spaces.

Mixed metallics

ph: bloglovin.com / hisforhomeblog.com / yellowtrace.com.au

Metallics have evolved over the past few years from chrome & steel, to copper & rose gold, and more recently gold & brass, with all manner of home wares now available in all these finishes.

But when decorating your own home, you don’t have to stick to just the one… have fun with your accessories and combine different metal finishes in one room.  Plant pots, picture frames and door knobs are a perfect way to achieve this.


ph: dzekdzekdzek.com / capradesigns.com / divisare.com

I am sorry to say this, but it looks like marble has had its day and there’s a new kid on the block… the trend for retro 70’s finishes coming back in fashion hasn’t slowed down, with the reintroduction of terrazzo into our homes.

Not just available in its traditional form of kitchen worktops and tables, terrazzo also now comes in various home wares and wall coverings for even more flexibility.


ph: swoonworthy.co.uk / urbanoutfitters.com / Pinterest

Evolving from the metallic copper and terracotta tones that have dominated the home ware market in recent years, designers are now replacing their millennial pink and grey colour pallets with warmer peach hues.  This colour scheme compliments natural tan leathers, warm oak furnishings and metallic gold and copper accessories beautifully… all firm favourites of ours, so we’re happy 🙂


Whatever trend you choose to follow in 2018, have fun with it!  Personally, I can feel a matte black makeover coming 🙂


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