The Chunk chronicles

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our Insta Stories for the last week, you would have seen the adventures of Chunk the Pineapple Xmas Tree!


Whether lovin’ life by the beach, having a box-set and chill night, or partaking in some extreme wrapping (with a mince pie obvs), Chunk’s making the most of the festive holidays 🙂


 Thirsty Thursday was a particular favourite, complete with Pina Colada!

On Friday Chunk met his dream girl Pandora, and the two of them put Meghan and Harry to shame 😉


Chunk has definitely got us in mood for our favourite festive past times (mainly eating and drinking).

You will catch us hanging round the Christmas tree, feeling up our presents!

Cheers to Chunk; the gentleman, the Casanova, the mince pie eater!













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