To hygge or not to hygge?

It is well and truly winter here in the UK – first signs of snow and we retreat into our homes faster than you can say “hot chocolate with marshmallows”.  Now I love nothing more than being warm and cosy when I relax, so naturally my place is full of big fluffy cushions and layered knits and throws.  I love the ‘scandi’ look and much to my delight we have seen this trend grow in popularity over the years. Like all the best trends the Scandinavian movement has become liveable and versatile.  The ‘scandi/nordic’ phenomenon has been reinvented and reincarnated and now refers to a general style that has become a firm fixture in UK décor schemes.

Whether you live in a big house, apartment or somewhere in between its pretty easy to lay the foundations for creating a warm, inviting home to hibernate in during the winter months.

I’ve put together a quick hit list of the best of the ‘scandi’ trends, focusing mainly on inspiring living rooms.

Traditional ‘Hygge’ Scandi

Everything about this shot is traditional ‘hygge’ scandi – the cosy furs, pared back unfinished wood, beaten leather, all set against a white backdrop.  Fluffy! 

Neo Nordic

Gone are the big fluffy throws and enter the geometrics!  Still cosy, still warm, but with added colour and wire furniture! 

New Age Lagom

Lagom is the art of stripping back your interior and living with only the essentials. Neutral, clutter free surfaces and a cosy home with a minimalist scheme. 

‘Scandi’ Accessories


For this picture I opted for cosy layered pillows and throws.  These are actually some of mine picked up cheaply from Primark Home.  They are ideal if you just want a winter pop that can be folded away when summer starts calling.

I don’t know about you but all this talk of getting cosy has put me in the mood for a box set binge!  There is another episode of Mind Hunters and a Baileys cappuccino calling my name!


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