Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love this time of year… the cosy nights in front of the fire, sipping mulled wine at a festive market, singing along to Christmas songs loudly in the car (alone I might add)…

But most of all, I love being able to dig all my Christmas treasure out of the loft 🙂


My Christmas decorations, like the rest of my house, include an eclectic mix of gorgeous store-bought pieces, hand-made craft projects, and a touch of quirky that makes you smile.

…but before I unpack all my garlands and candle holders, the first and arguably the most important decoration is the tree 🙂

Decorating the tree whilst sipping mulled wine and listening to Andy Williams Christmas songs on the Sonos has become a new tradition in my house, and although I do admit to having a fake Christmas tree I reuse every year (I can hear the sharp intakes of breath already) I do go to town on the decorations!

  As with everyone, when I flew the nest and had to fend for myself at Christmas I bought a full set of tree decorations in luxurious chocolate and gold colours (my two favourite things), and over the years they have been slowly updated with more personal and sentimental ornaments.

Red wood heart from Paris / White glass heart bauble from York / Cherub gifted by my good friend LJ / Xmas Tree featuring pic of our Godson

More like a 3D seasonal scrap book, my Christmas tree is home to an extensive assortment of trinkets that I’ve collected from my travels, or have been gifted by friends and family.  I aim for at least one new addition every year, even if they are not Christmas themed, with each having their own little story behind them.


Gold wire bauble from Dunelm / Flamingo decoration from Accessorise

Some of my decorations don’t have a story… I just saw them hanging in a store window and fell instantly in love!  I mean, who wouldn’t like a flamingo in a party hat???

Whatever theme or non-theme you have for Christmas this year, remember to have fun!  Christmas for some (including myself) can become very stressful what with all the present shopping and wrapping, planning the Christmas Day menu and making the house look festive.

Make sure you don’t get bogged down in the details and loose sight of what Christmas is really all about*.  Fill your home with the things you love, and if your scheme doesn’t match then who cares.  Express yourself!



*a week off work… #jokingnotjoking


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