The Tequila Queens guide to styling an unforgettable soirée…

It’s that time of the year again where I party like a rock star but unfortunately do not wake up looking like one.

In the lead up to my birthday festivities I always alternate between not wanting to celebrate another year older to remembering I have a reputation as the “queen of tequila shots” to uphold. So I straighten my crown, get my to-do list out and remind myself to kick start the month of December the right way.


A successful party is all about creating an atmosphere to have a good time. You know your attendees and what they like but remember it is your celebration, so let your personality shine through.

Of course you can follow the generic guidelines of throwing a decent do, from creating a fabulous party playlist to providing the components for a picture perfect cocktail. I do find however when it comes to actually designing the layout and pulling a whole party scheme together, it always feels the most stressful part.

So for those of you looking to lay the groundwork for a top night with your nearest and dearest here is my styling advice:

1. Do one thing really well

An easy thing to do is pick a theme and stick to it. This gorgeous palm leaf table setting is a classic example.

palm leaf party princess

2. Go Gimmicky

Everyone loves a photo booth to immortalise their memories.

photo booth

This one is fairly easy. You just need a chalk board, a camera and some photo props you can pick up for a couple of pounds from Amazon or eBay.

3. Buy bespoke signage for a personal touch

These are both from not on the high street

4. Use what you got

If you aren’t committed to restyling your home for one night only, there are a lot of great party accessories available you can use to make the most of your existing interior.


This is actually my day of the dead selection featuring skull shot glasses, sugar skull bunting and cupcake toppers. We had a blast drinking Café Patron and eating about 50 cupcakes in one go! Cake comas are a real thing guys (or was that the Patron?).

 So now you are all adequately inspired and ready to throw a kick ass birthday bash, it’s time to remind of some of the golden rules of revelry:

A party without cake is just a meeting!

Liquor before wine, you’ll be fine!

And my favourite party motto…

one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!



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