Geek Chic

Now I’m not saying I’m Batman but have you ever seen us both in the room together at the same time?

I have few guilty little pleasures in life, many of them involve embracing my inner geekiness. From binge watching every episode of Smallville to laughing out loud at Spider-Man memes, I’m your classic self-confessed #geekgirl.

I love the dark world of graphic novels and have spent far too many nights watching Thor on repeat! And before you ask I’m neither confirming or denying whether that has less to do with my geeky tendencies and more to do with Chris Hemsworth (swoon).

Undeniably heroes and villains are my weakness, over time I seem to have accumulated a large collection of what I affectionately refer to as ‘geek chic’ home accessories. Proudly displayed across my apartment, they are my prize possessions mainly because they feel unique and personal to me.

You don’t have to be a die hard comic con/cosplay fan to enjoy the world of comic strip legends. Graphic novels are bright and colourful, bringing a world of magic and super powers to life, making them an ideal theme for home interiors. Whether you are looking to create an eye-catching villains lair or wanting to inject an arty pop into your existing scheme here are a few of my favourite finds:

It doesn’t matter if you are team hero or baddie, wall art is a great way to express your allegiance.  Here are two of my absolute favourite prints I picked up from Smart Arts Gallery.



I stumbled across this doormat at Tesco
whilst looking for a present for my Joker loving brother in law:

All these beautiful things are just downright cool and available from notonthehighstreet:


Finally if you are on a budget or fancy doing a bit of fun DIY, it is easy to update some of your existing fixtures, like this awesome Batman shelf courtesy of Pinterest!


Right I’m off to save the world… just kidding, although I am doing something equally as important, making tacos!


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