The big reveal

Over time we all accumulate knick-knacks and trinkets that we all love and want to hold onto, but unfortunately the majority of these items just end up in storage, stuffed in a cupboard or loft space and never see the light of day.

When decorating my home I wanted to bring elements of my personality and memories into the interior scheme, incorporating some of my prized treasures and displaying them in fun and unusual ways without creating cluttered surfaces and dust traps!


I’m one of those girls who’s weight yo-yo’s for much of their adult life.  But through it all there is one thing I can rely on… shoes!!!

Over the years I have amassed a pretty healthy collection (to say the least).  Some of which are more like works of art than footwear, and deserve to be seen rather than languish in a dusty shoebox.

I bought this teak cabinet a few years ago off eBay, and now all my favourite heels are permanently on show in my dressing room along with my very first pair of shoes (and there’s no dusting required – result!).


I’m also one for keeping ticket stubs from concerts and shows, flyers for tourist attractions, and interesting postcards and pictures.  Cherry picking my favourite mementos from my jaunt around the world when I was 18, I simply arranged them in a basic Ikea frame.  Now every time I catch a glimpse of them all hung on my wall, I can’t help but smile at all the happy memories they bring 🙂


These intricate cushion covers were bought from a street market in Malaysia over 15 years ago, but they were too delicate to sit on (major downside I know, but it was love at first sight and I had to buy them).  Finally I hit on the idea to use them as makeshift tapestries and hang them up instead!

Stitching some dowling rods into the reverse of each cover to create a frame, it was then easy to attach slim brass chains and inexpensive picture hooks from my local DIY shop, and suspend them from the picture rail in my living room.

Find similar here.


When I lost both my grandparents on my dad’s side of the family, it gave me renewed focus on the importance of family, and keeping those you love the most close even when they are no longer with us.

I started going through some of my grandparents old photographs, and chose some of my favourite pictures and keepsakes to go in this unique glass memory frame which I picked up from a little boutique store in Edinburgh earlier this year.

Find similar here.

In this modern age where minimalist interior design is still king and we count MB in our Cloud storage rather than photo albums on our bookshelves, make time to cherish your treasures, and give them pride of place in your home.  After all, they are a part of you 🙂





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