Ahoy there sailor

Growing up with a tattoo artist for a father, it’s fair to say that life was always colourful.

From a young age I remember pouring over reams of designs, from playing cards to hula girls, I’d mentally covered 70 percent of my body by my mid-teens.

Fast forward 12 years and I’m perhaps more likely to buy a design on a tea towel than plan to permanently etch my entire body.  The one thing that has stuck with me though is my love of all things vintage glamour and rockabilly.

I’ve always been drawn in by retro pin ups and I’m a sucker for Sailor Jerry scribbles.  I wanted to bring this influence into my apartment, without feeling like I’d stepped back in time.  I think the key to adding any theme to your home is reaching a level that you are comfortable with.  You can go wild with one particular look across your whole design scheme or you can add subtle items, styling an eclectic mix of all the things you love.

Whether you are looking to create a vintage boudoir or want to add a retro twist to your home decor, here is a selection of some of my favourite inspirational finds to help you along the way.

 Fun and fresh bedsheets:


Risque cocktail themed pin up coasters:

I bought these at a recent interior show… a little cheeky, very me!

This old school upcycled Sailor Jerry pendant lamp:


Go back to the 50’s with this rockabilly cushion:


Now all this talk of Sailor Jerrys has made me thirsty… rum and coke anyone?




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