Say it with neon!

One of the things I love the most about interior design is breaking the rules! Whether it’s mixing wood and stone, colour blocking or repurposing something for my apartment that conventionally belongs outside. It is all about selecting that statement piece that takes people by surprise, whilst also being true to yourself and your home.

One of the emerging trends of the moment is neon pops of colour. I’ve been seeing lots of bold bright prints on cushions, bedspreads and fabrics across the world of soft furnishings. Now I’m all about taking things to the next level so imagine my joy that neon signs, traditionally found in Vegas tattoo parlours, are being reinvented as a way to light up our homes!

What is great about this trend is that it doesn’t have to be garish and in your face. Clever use of funky neon tubes can add a soft glow to a white room or a bright burst to a dark wall.

You can display a graphic symbol or select a few of your favourite words, there are so many options for complete personalisation!


It has been really hard to choose, but here are a selection of my favourite designs.

This blue sugar skull:

Blue Neon Sugar Skull Light
Discovered whilst I was tucking into a beer and burrito in Changos! (sorry not sorry)

This illuminous cactus:


 This cheeky ‘little’ number:


Are you starting to sense a theme here?

For those less inclined to turn their home into a Mexican Cantina, you can also opt for a subtle display:


My main advice for styling your home with neon is to be creative and have fun. If you want a word or object that you can’t source ready-made, you can give designing your own a bash with a kit available in blue and pink from Amazon!

I’m just about to start making mine… I’m preempting an SOS – send help and tacos!!!


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    1. Hi – there are a varity of websites where you can purchase neon signs. Some of our favourites include and, and you can also order customised signed if you don’t see one you like.
      Hope this helps, but keep us posted on what neon sign you choose xxxx


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