Two Broke Girls; a tale of two interior design addicts

Have you ever had that moment where you gaze across a room, fall instantly in love… and mentally start making room in your home for your new object of desire?

Yeah us too! From velvet loveseats, neon flamingo lights to concrete tooth brush holders, over many a cake and cocktail we have talked each other into amassing a serious collection of “instalove” that have beautified our homes.


It all began five years ago when Tavia and I first joined forces in our careers, sparking a connection fuelled by our shared passion for home interiors. Working in the design industry we have constantly had our heads together planning photo shoots, creating interior brochures and launching trend led products. For us it isn’t just a job, we live and breath interior design.

Tavia and I love nothing more than trend spotting, mooching around markets and visiting inspiring places. We both have our own unique styles but are very attune to each other’s tastes. I’ve lost count of the times we have started a conversation with “You are going to love this” or sending each other an email simply entitled “buy me”. We are both guilty of adding fuel to each other’s fire!


Both of us see so many gorgeous things daily, we constantly bounce ideas back and forth, rock-paper-scissoring which one of us has got to make room in their home so no “instalove” item is ever left behind. This is where the idea behind ‘your home or mine’ was born! We wanted a way to chronicle our interior design adventures, sharing all the things we love so that you could enjoy them to.

So join us right here where we will continue to document and justify (to both ourselves & Tavia’s other half; aka chief tea maker) our growing collection of home accessories!


The Dream Team: Tavia, Jake (chief tea maker) & Abby




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