All that glitters

I am a self-confessed hoarder for all things glitzy.

Like a magpie, I find myself being drawn in by anything that twinkles, so the recent trends for gold, bronze and copper home accessories has been right up my street.

I am also mad for art deco and geometrics.  I just love the simple, elegant symmetry of triangles, hexagons and circles, and how they can be incorporated into our homes either as 2D tiles, art prints or patterned fabrics, to 3D terrariums, vases and lamps.

Combining geometrics with metallic is in my opinion a match made in heaven, and over the past year we’ve seen this trend drift down from high end retailers like Oliver Bonas (never ever let me loose in there with a credit card!) to supermarkets and even discount stores.  Music to my, and my bank managers, ears 🙂

Set of 2 Nesting Jewellery Boxes (Tesco, £15)

Whilst grabbing some last minute girls-night-in goodies at my local Tesco, my magpie eye spotted this gorgeous set of hexagon jewellery boxes, which promptly found its way into my trolley nestled safely between the fruit salad (for making sangria) and ice cream 🙂

The recently launched Fox&Ivy range shows that Tesco have really started to up their homeware game – the variety of home accessories, soft furnishings and dining sets are fantastic and bang on trend.  Definitely one to check out next time your wandering the aisles!

Copper Accessory Hanger
Copper Accessory Hanger (Quality Save, £1.29)

With supermarkets expanding their homeware collections, even the cheaper discount stores are getting in on the action.  This little beauty caught my eye whilst looking for flu tablets and advent calendar chocolates (well, it is the season), and when I saw the price I had to have it!

I’ve used the hanger to display some of my favourite pieces above, but I think I’ll be using it for storing all my scarfs and belts instead – it’s a welcome upgrade from my Ikea Komplement hanger (no offence Ikea, but this is a much more stylish option), and will take pride of place in my dressing room rather than be stuck at the back of my wardrobe!

(Closest alternative: Copper Triangle Pendant Scarf Hanger)


When you have beautiful pieces that are one in a million, make a feature of them rather than leave them gathering dust in storage.  My late grandmothers wedding set was passed to me 4 years ago, and they now have pride of place in their own mini terrarium.

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Our Pick of the Rest


If wall space in your house is a premium and you’d prefer a jewellery stand for your dressing table, then this chic gold pyramid is ideal and less than £20!  Result 🙂

Jewellery Display Stand (Etsy £17.37)

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